Four Week Holistic HEALTH and FITNESS Kick Start


What if, in just four weeks from now, you were well on your way to building the body of your dreams?

Picture this...

You’ve lost weight. Gained strength. You are fitter and healthier than you’ve ever felt before. You easily run up stairs without feeling winded. You happily pause in front of mirrors instead of ducking your head and racing past them. You eat tasty meals that are actually good for you. You confidently whip out the slinky, sexy dresses (the ones jammed in the back of the closet that you’d almost given up on) and wait… there is room in your skinny jeans. Basically, you have newfound confidence and look and feel amazing...inside and out.

This is your future in four weeks… Ready to see how you’ll get there?


Why FOUR weeks? Is that enough time for me to see changes?

  • Some researchers say it takes 21 days to build a habit, while others claim it takes up to 66 days.

  • The truth is that the length of time really varies from person to person and habit to habit. You’ll find that some habits are easy to build while others require more effort.

  • Getting fitter and healthier in four weeks may seem impossible to some, especially if you have tried to get fitter and healthier and fell short of your expectations.

  • This program is designed around the psychology of forming habits and includes the necessary educational resources, nutritional coaching and wellness rituals needed to take care of yourself from the inside and out.

  • I want you to get fitter and healthier for life. The first four weeks will require you to dig deep and change some habits that have taken years to develop.

  • The Body by Ashanthi method is an evidence based approach that is backed by science and built by you. Have no fear, I will be there with you every step of the way and you will get results – this is only the beginning!

What is the Four-Week Holistic Health and Fitness Kick Start Program?*

The Body by Ashanthi Four-Week Holistic Health and Fitness Kick Start Program was created as a practical pathway to building the body of your dreams.

It’s a personalised tailored program that combines one-on-one personal training with educational resources, nutritional coaching and wellness rituals to support you in creating a strong foundation for your health and fitness.

The Four-Week Holistic Health and Fitness Kick Start encompasses my extensive health and fitness industry experience and knowledge so rest assured, you are in very capable hands. I know what it takes both scientifically, practically and personally to create a tailored program to get you fitter, healthier and stronger for life.

The Four-Week Holistic Health and Fitness Kick Start Program is perfect for you if:

  • You want to get fitter and healthier but don't know where to start.

  • You might have health issues or physical injuries/limitations and are scared of re-injury or exacerbation.

  • You want sustainable, healthy, results-driven fat loss.

  • You are confused by conflicting health and fitness messages, methods and ideals and just want something that works for you.

  • You’re not sure what to eat to feel healthy, vibrant and decrease body fat.

  • You need help finding – and mastering – exercises that will support your fitness and body goals.

  • You’re tired of feeling sick and tired.

  • You want to work with an experienced health professional you can trust and that truly cares about your health and fitness.

  • You need a kick up the backside to get you moving in the right direction with your nutrition and exercise.

  • You want to feel confident and happy in your body.

  • You’re ready to invest in yourself. FINALLY!


Why you’ll love this program:

  • It’s practical, fun, fuss-free and actually works!

  • It’s a one-on-one program with three 60-minute in-person training sessions per week. Yay! A real person to connect with.

  • It’s guided by me – Ashanthi – an experienced women’s fitness specialist, occupational therapist and ergonomist – I know a thing or two about how your body is designed to function and move.

  • You’ll lose weight, gain strength and grow more confident in your body.

  • You’ll learn what exercises will safely and effectively steer you in the right direction with your body goals.

  • You will have all the resources you need such as, customised meal plans with easy and tasty recipes, weekly shopping lists, nourishing wellness rituals, and best of all, an expert to guide you one-on-one through your health and fitness transformation.

The program includes:

  • Three 60 minute 1:1 personal training sessions per week. Each session is tailored to your needs and goals, whether that is weight loss, strength and conditioning, improved posture, core strengthening, increased fitness or an overall improvement in body composition. Sessions are conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Dharmawangsa Residences South Jakarta or I can come to you. Sessions are conducted in the mornings (6am - 11am) or afternoons/evenings (3pm-9pm). I only take a handful of clients per month so lock your times asap.

  • Weekly body composition and postural analysis to check your progress and keep us on track with your goals.

  • A four-week personalised exercise plan tailored for you and designed to keep you progressing week-to-week even outside of your personal training sessions. It includes an easy to understand downloadable exercise library so you’ll always be sure of what to do and how to do it well after the four weeks.

  • A customised sample meal plan with simple, nutritious and easy to prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

  • A shopping list you can use each week to make meal planning and preparation a breeze.

  • Practical exercise, nutrition and mindset guidelines to keep you on track for the four weeks and beyond.

  • Sample exercise and meal plan templates to support you in your new lifestyle long after our four weeks has been completed.

  • All information is emailed to you in downloadable PDF files so you’ll have everything you need and a handy resource to refer to.

  • 24/7 communication. Yes, that’s right, I am here to support you wholeheartedly throughout the 4 weeks. I am here to answer any questions you may have and check that you are making progress throughout the entire four weeks. You can contact me anytime with your questions – I’m here for you.

PLUS, you’ll get:

5% off future programs if booked within 3 months of completing your program with me. Online or in-person.


Ready to change your life?

This program is valued at $9M IDR and can be paid by cash or bank transfer. Please indicate if you would like to pay in two installments as this will incur an additional 10% charge to the total cost. If you need me to come to you, this is subject to location, timings, available workout space (starting at $13M IDR).

Clients are seen three times a week either early mornings (6am-11am) or afternoon/evenings (3pm-9pm) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Please make sure you are ready to commit on these days and you don’t have any holidays, work travel or major social engagements booked in over these 4 weeks.

Don’t wait…spaces are limited each month and start on a Monday.

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* At this stage, the Four-Week Holistic Health and Fitness Kick Start is limited to clients in South Jakarta ONLY.