1 : 1 Personal Training


Fuss-free fitness for women that want real results.

The whole feel-good-naked, dream-body, stronger-and-fitter-than-ever thing? You’re ready for it. Beyond ready.

But …

  • You have a pre-existing injury that is holding you back, physically and mentally.

  • You’re expecting a baby (congratulations!) and need special care.

  • You’ve just delivered a baby (congratulations!) and need special care.

  • You have no idea where to start. Just the idea of working out makes you feel overwhelmed and confused.

  • You’re worried you don’t know how to exercise safely while still getting incredible results.

  • You don’t trust just anyone with your body and your health. You’re a one-of-a-kind edition!

  • You need to find an expert that gets you, your needs and what you want to achieve.


How my 1:1 personal training works:

Step 1: You decide you’re ready to take the plunge – Book in your FREE 60-minute trial

  • Click here to send me an inquiry to get the ball rolling and schedule your zero-pressure initial FREE 60-minute trial session.

  • This also helps us determine whether we’re a good fit.

Step 2: You complete the Health Questionnaire

  • I receive your FREE trial request and email you a Health Questionnaire to be completed before our first session together.

  • The Health Questionnaire offers me a sneak peek into your world. It will uncover your health and fitness goals as well as your current lifestyle, health status, diet and training frequency.

  • Simply email the Health Questionnaire form back to me for review with a selected time to perform the trial session. I will send you a calendar request and we will lock in a time to meet in the next 1-2 weeks to conduct your FREE TRIAL session.

  • Also lets me know if we are good to go or if you need to work on any other areas of your health before we can start. Sometimes, you will need to get medical clearance if there are any medical or injury related issues.

Step 3: You come to me for your FREE 60-minute trial – South Jakarta clients only (Dharmawangsa Area)

  • Bring a towel, water bottle and yoga mat (no sweat if you don’t have one) and I will bring the rest.

  • Over 60-minutes, we’ll review your questionnaire, chat about your health goals and get to know each other better.

  • I’ll perform a health screening and check out your postural/movement patterns to identify areas of weakness or any specific limitations.

  • I’ll guide you through a selection of fitness challenges to benchmark your starting point. Don’t worry – there are no expectations for these challenges it will just help me design a program that best suits your unique, beautiful body and fitness goals.

  • After reviewing and analysing the data collected, I’ll walk you through a sample workout where I show you some exercises suitable for you to begin with.

Step 4: We build your dream body!

  • If you like what you’ve seen and experienced so far, we will explore how we can work together.

  • I’ll design a personalised program tailored to your fitness goals, current fitness levels and specific body mechanics. It’s a blend of science and experience and I will support you all the way to achieve these.

  • Over the next ten sessions, we will work together and I will show you how to safely and effectively exercise to achieve your desired fitness goals.

I employ a variety of training techniques based on your fitness goals that may include:

  • Bodyweight training, strength and conditioning training using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, sand bags and slam balls, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), mobility enhancement techniques and tools, TRX, Yoga and Pilates.

  • Basically, whatever it takes to ensure you get a balance of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, flexibility and mobility training. This will ensure better results overall and a stronger, more capable body for the longer term.

1:1 personal training packages available at Dharmawangsa area (also include a 4 week exercise plan to keep you focused and motivated to see results):

10 x 45 minute sessions = $6M IDR
10 x 60 minute sessions = $8M IDR
Package payable by cash or bank transfer. 


Sound like everything you’re longing for?

Take your first step in the direction of your dream body by reaching out to me today. I would love to hear from you. Let’s get started.